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Spotlight Investment Roadshows

     90 minutes CPD-accredited



Event learning objectives:

  • Further understand the current macro-environment
  • Recognise the continued role of an allocation to fixed income
  • Take away some applicable strategies in managing a multi-asset portfolio


You told us your portfolio concerns.
We listened.


Last year, we asked partners from across the country what were their most pressing portfolio concerns and the results were clear:


  • 86% of you said high equity market valuations were amongst your top concerns
  • 65% responded that they were most worried about bond yields being at or close to historic lows
  • 60% listed the threat of rising interest rates


LGIM looks to support you in meeting those challenges and have crafted our messages to meet your concerns. At our Spotlight Investment Roadshows, we will discuss the macroeconomic environment and what it means for your portfolios before stressing the importance of fixed income, even in a low yield environment, while defending duration and dispelling some of the myths that have sprung up since the crisis.


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