Active ownership: Global engagement to deliver positive change

Active ownership means working with companies, policy-makers and other investors to create sustainable value. Our annual report details how we achieved this in 2019.


In 2019, LGIM: Opposed the election of more than 4,000 company directors globally*

*These votes represent instructions for our main FTSE pooled index funds


Held 739 engagements with companies to raise their environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards


Took sanctions against 11 companies named as laggards under our Climate Impact Pledge

Climate change
  • LGIM supported more shareholder resolutions on climate change than any of the world’s 20 largest asset managers1
  • We encouraged many of the world’s largest companies – including oil major BP – to take action on climate

1Source: ShareAction – Voting Matters (2019)

ESG integration
  • LGIM established a global platform for engagement and collaborative, active research across asset classes
  • We continued to develop our proprietary ESG scoring, taking action on poor‐scoring companies, and extended our industry‐leading Future World range
Income inequality
  • We opposed 35% of executive pay packages globally
  • In the US, we opposed 352 “say on pay” votes and supported a further 15 shareholder proposals to encourage stronger compensation practices

Our top five engagement topics with companies:

Climate change



Board composition


Our capabilities

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