Is ESG taking a bite out of your diversification?

Diversification is the foundation of modern portfolios, described by Nobel laureate Harry Markowitz as ‘the only free lunch’ for investors. But could the trend towards investing according to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles undermine diversification? Our new research explores this important question and quantifies in innovative ways the unexpected impacts of excluding sectors like energy and tobacco.

Podcast: Why divestment might hold some unexpected surprises

What happens when a major sector, such as oil and gas, is excluded from an equity index on ESG grounds? The allocation to those stocks has to be redistributed, typically towards the already large technology and finance sectors. What was once a broad market index has suddenly become much more concentrated. On our podcast, we discuss the unintended consequences of whole sector exclusions and dive into the ways investors can keep their ESG impact high and their tracking error low.

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